A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Human race is on the verge of extinction: alien race is about to wipe what is left of humanity from the face of Earth. You were dispatched as member of special operations team to get to the heart of alien swarm and destroy the mastermind behind the invastion.

Controls: A,D - movement, Enter - shoot, Space - jump, Up/Down - menu navigation

To run a game, extract the archive for you system and run the executable. For MacOS, unfortunately, you would need to disable Gatekeeper temporarily. In terminal, run:
sudo spctl --master-disable<br>

Don't forget to enable it back, once you played the game:
sudo spctl --master-enable

Source repository: https://gitlab.com/borodust/decent-game


decent-game-x86-64-windows-v1.0.0.zip 60 MB
decent-game-x86-64-linux-v1.0.0.zip 51 MB
decent-game-x86-64-osx-v1.0.0.zip 50 MB

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